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Lava Article

Lava is an igneous rock, cooling instantly after erupting from the Earth. Lava stones are lightweight and porous because of all the holes and voids where gas bubbles used to be during the stone's formation. The rock is able to melt at the extreme temperatures under a volcano. When it erupts, the Lava solidifies into a stone; it looks like a sponge, but it is as hard as a rock!

Natural Lava comes in a blackish-gray or rusty reddish-brown. You may find other colors of Lava on the market, but these have been artificially dyed. Naturally rough and abrasive, Lava stones display a great texture and earthy organic feel.

Metaphysical Energy of Lava

Lava is used as a grounding stone, keeping your thoughts here on Earth instead of floating in the clouds. Lava aids in logical thinking, stabilizing the emotions and keeping your head clear. 

Having gone through the fire and emerged as a cool rock, Lava is used as a stone of rebirth and fertility.

Lava as Essential Oil Diffusers

Lava stones can act as aerial diffusers for essential oils. Just rub high quality essential oils on organic Lava stones with your finger, cloth or q-tip and let it soak and dry before wearing or using them in healing. Depending on the size of the Lava, the scent can last anywhere from an hour to a few days. 

Because organic Lava is rough, some Lava stones are waxed with paraffin for a smoother feel. This also makes the stone a darker black in color. The wax can be removed if you want to use the Lava with essential oils or just want to go back to its original state.

Lava in Jewelry

Lava is great to bead with because it is so lightweight, yet looks so substantial. You can easily create multi-layered jewelry with Lava and not worry about it being too heavy.

Each Lava bead is unique in its cavities, craters and variations. Lava jewelry gives off an beachy bohohemian-chic vibe. 

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