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Moonstone Bracelet 9mm Rainbow Blue Sheen Milky White Gemstone Round Stretch

  • Find the colorful flash in your deluxe new Rainbow Moonstone stretch bracelet. This gemstone beauty shines with pure energy. Wear it with your favorite white dress or contrast it with your dark blazer. 

  • These are pearly, translucent white stones with spots of magical blue sheen, best seen when admired in the sunlight. The round Rainbow Moonstone beads are strung on flexible stretch cord for a unique crystal healing fashion. Each bead will vary in color, translucency, inclusions and sheen. 

  • In crystal healing, Moonstone holds the energy of the moon, enhancing your psychic abilities. It is a stone of new beginnings with a calming yin energy. Moonstone is also a traveler's stone, keeping you safe and directed during your journeys.

  • Includes jewelry gift box. Ready to stack. Unisex design.

  • Each bracelet is handmade in the Satin Crystals studio in California, USA.

  • Measures: 9-10mm beads.

  • Do you know your true bracelet size? Choose your perfect size when ordering. 


Ask a Question
  • Hi Sheila: Thanks much for your email. I love and believe in energy therapy. Love to learn more about using the crystals for their healing properties. The older I get, the more I realize how very earthy I am. I Love the earth, earth tones, being close to the earth/ground/grass, sitting and sleeping on the floor, etc. I am presently very attracted to white and clear crystals. Any suggestions, thoughts, etc.

    Hi, it's great to hear from you. Thanks for joining our VIP club email list.  It sounds like we would get along as I’m also a very earthy sign. I’m not really into water things but I love the forest and walking and dirt and gardening! And of course all the earthy, grounding crystals.

    I saw that you got a Howlite bracelet. This is a popular white crystal that we carry. People use it to balance their spiritual energies and stay focused on their paths in this life. Plus, it goes great with all black or even all white outfits. We also offer Howlite in Necklace and Earrings if you like to wear these forms of jewelry. Here is a link to the Howlite jewelry collection: Howlite Collection. Another white crystal you may want to check out is Moonstone. You may have heard of Moonstone, a very calming and feminine energy, connecting with the energies of the Moon. Moonstone comes in a lot of different colors and the most coveted Moonstone is Rainbow Moonstone where you see brilliant sheen within the white stones. Here is a link to our current Moonstone jewelry selection: Moonstone Jewelry Collection.  As for clear stones, the most popular clear stone is Clear Quartz. You may have seen Quartz in raw crystal formations. The really clear points make dazzling jewelry pieces. Although they are clear, you will usually see some organic inclusions like small minerals, floating planes and patterns within the stones. This is how you can tell it's natural. We have Clear Quarz necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets here: Quartz Collection.

    I hope this helps narrow down your shopping selection for you, but if you have more questions, don't hesitate to email me back.  Have an abundant day,  Sheila Satin