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Crystal Necklaces for Him

Crystal Necklaces for Men - Satin Crystals Boutique

He's always getting you something extraordinary, but you're feeling stumped. If you don't know what to get that special man in your life for the next occasion, it's time to find him the right crystal necklace. 

Choosing the Necklace

Because there are so many necklace types to choose from, consider the type of jewelry your special man currently owns. Does he prefer sterling silver, stainless steel or a shiny gold? Perhaps he prefers a more rustic look in antiqued brass or leather cords. Then again, he may enjoy the beaded look. Long or short, consider what he has worn before or use your own intuition as to what he will be open to wear int he future. 

Selecting the Right Crystals

As you know, each crystal has a multitude of purposes and energies. When choosing the right crystal necklace for your special man, focus on what energies you want him to embrace. Check out our suggestions for healing energies you may want to consider for your man. 

Here are the top five choices of crystals for men to wear:

Labradorite – This crystal is great for grounding of spiritual energy, improving strength,
and giving a feeling of inner worth. It can also raise consciousness, which is important
when starting a new task. Like a kick in the butt, Labradorite is great for a boost in motivation. 

Howlite – This crystal is great for opening the mind and being aware of what is
around you so you can receive positive energy as well as wisdom. Howlite can be
used to help cut the cord of emotional pain and baggage leading to inner peace and
balance. For the anxious man, Howlite is a great mood stabilizer.

Pyrite – If you want protection from all the negative energy at the office every day, Pyrite is the choice. This powerful crystal can also provide protection from physical danger by making the mind aware. For the man who tends to be living in the clouds, give him some Pyrite to focus on the grounding energies and awareness of the present moment. 

Amethyst – This purple colored crystal can emit a vibration that can improve his intuition. Amethyst can also assist with headaches if he has trouble sleeping due to stress and other factors. Let's calm his mind and allow him to relax in Amethyst. 

Tigers Eye - A definite favorite among men, this stately stone glows with an iridescent confidence. Known for its energies of confidence and courage, Tigers Eye is a great one for those needing a boost in their business demeanor. Gift Tigers Eye necklace to the man who needs an increase in their assertive energies.

The Perfect Necklace for Him  

Choosing the right healing energies is just as important as finding the right necklace style. Once this is accomplished, you will have the perfect necklace personalized just for his persona. You will feel better knowing that the gift you gave him will do more than express to him that you love him; it will balance his heart, mind, and soul. Make him smile every time he feels the positive energy around his aura!

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