Cats and Fluorite Egg - Crystals for your PetsNo one wants to see their pets suffer or feel bad, but it inevitably does happen. When pets feel bad, you may not notice it until it becomes very painful for them. Going to the vet's office with general symptoms may lead to a lot of debt, and your beloved pet may still feel bad. Crystals are another alternative when it comes to the care of your pet. Like humans, the energy from crystals can be released to pets and provide certain healing energies that can't be purchased in a pill form.

How to Choose the Right Crystals for Your Pet

There isn't a set pattern or recommendation for choosing the right crystals. When choosing crystals for yourself, you know that placing them in your hands normally works because when you hold the right crystal, your hands feel the vibration as well as the warmth. But, if you have to choose a crystal for someone else, you may struggle with finding the right one. A dog or a cat can't tell you when they feel the vibration or when they found the crystal that was made for them, so here are some suggestions to help you choose the right crystals for your pet:

1. Let your pet take the test. Set out a few crystals and place them one at a time in front of them and between their paws. Don't allow them to chew on the crystals.

2. Watch your pet's reaction to the crystal. If they don't pay any attention to it, then that crystal is not for them. However, if they begin to relax, maybe fall asleep, or roll around on the crystal, then you may have found the right one. You can sometimes see drool coming from their mouths if it's the right crystal.

3. Try removing the crystal and see what they do. If they begin looking for the crystal, you may want to put it back and assume you have found the right one.

Which Crystals Should You Choose

Focusing on your pet's health, here are a few suggestions of what may bring them relief:

  • Amber - Commonly used to treat symptoms of allergies in pets, digestive issues, or bad infections. It can bring a calming energy to older pets.
  • Clear Quartz - This crystal is good for speeding up the healing process as well as boosting the immune system. Clear Quartz can also decrease the amount of pain a pet may be feeling.
  • Black Tourmaline - This crystal is a great protection crystal and can help meet their physical and emotional well being. If your pet does not have a lot of socialization among other pets, then this is a good crystal to have on hand.
  • Selenite - This crystal is good for removing the unwanted negative energies that surround other crystals. The vibration from Selenite is perfect for providing clarity and lessening the confusion.
  • Amethyst - When your pet needs help relaxing and shows signs of separation anxiety, Amethyst is a good crystal to have on hand. This purple colored crystal can ease grief, decrease fear, and even help with panic attacks.

Where to Place Crystals for Pets

Armed with a few healing crystals, you can now place the stones around your pet's bed. Some friskier pets may want to play with these stones, in which case, it will be better to secure the crystals under their bed. You can even make your pets a gem elixir, as long as you're careful that they won't ingest the stone; use the indirect method if the crystal is too small. If you have a massage type stone, you can pet your animal with the healing crystal. No matter how you wish to use your crystals, activate your healing intentions and your animal will feel your love and care. 

Author: Sheila Satin

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