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Supermoon 2020: Dates, Meanings & Crystal Healing

pair of peach moonstone crystal ballsIn 2020, we only have a three Supermoons. With the moon being so super, you want to take full advantage of the gushing lunar energy and the benefits it can shine upon you.

Let's dive right in and learn about the Supermoon meaning, dates, and how you can maximize your personal and spiritual gains using healing crystals.

What is the Supermoon?

The Supermoon is when the moon looks extra-jumbo from our perspective here on earth. It happens when the moon is either in its full or new moon stage. The moon is on its path of orbit that is the nearest to Earth. This gives it the effect of being a big Supermoon.

Along with looking larger than normal, the moon appears brighter too. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes you wouldn't even know that it's a Supermoon just by looking.

The scientific name for Supermoon is "perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system". Try saying that three times in a row...or just even once!

When are the 2020 Supermoons?

There are only three Supermoons in 2020. Since they are consecutive, it is nicknamed as a "Supermoon Season".

The first is on March 9th, at its fullest at 1:48 pm Eastern Standard Time. The March Supermoon is called the Worm Moon, named seasonally as this is the time that earthworms begin appearing in the soil. Other nicknames are Harvest Moon and Corn Moon.

The second 2020 Supermoon happens on April 7th at 10:45 pm Eastern Standard Time. This is called the Pink Moon because April has the first showing of pink flowers to kick off Spring. It also has the nicknames Harvest Moon, Hunter's Moon, and Blood Moon.

There is a third supermoon called the Flower Moon. This one happens on Thursday, May 7 at 6:45 a.m Eastern Daylight Time. You can also call it the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, or even the Hare Moon.

Spiritual Meaning of 2020 Supermoons

The Supermoon is an amplified version of the Full Moon or the New Moon. The Full Moon is a time to let go, to release what no longer serves you so that you can succeed in the cycle of new beginnings. The New Moon is a time to start fresh. The moon cycles have significant spiritual meanings, which you can learn about in our Lunar Eclipse, Full Moons, and Moonstone Article.

The 2020 Supermoons are unique and distinctive as they lie consecutively at the end of Winter (March 9) and the beginning of Spring (April 7). 

During the March Supermoon, you want to tie up loose ends and put matters to rest. Winter is over, and sleepy hibernation comes to an end. It's time to wrap up any lingering issues, whether it has to do with relationship, career, family, home, travels, personal or spiritual goals, etc. It's time to calmly close some chapters in your life.

During the April Supermoon, you want to plant the seeds of success. New ideas and innovations are in bloom, and this is the time to pursue them. It could be seeds of success in work, family life/expansion, home projects, moving a relationship to the next level, attaining the next level in meditation, solidifying a new health routine, etc.

The Pink Supermoon has the ability to make your garden flourish, literally and metaphorically. Just remember, if you fail to plant the seeds at this time, your garden may be empty for the whole season. Don't let that happen.

During the May Supermoon, you begin to see the blooming of results based on what work you put in for the previous two Supermoons. It's time to start enjoying some of the hard work as it begins to pay off. If you are not enjoying the fruits of your earlier intentions, it's still not too late to plant the seeds for a more successful summer.

Supermoon Crystals

There are three special crystals that glow brightest under the energy of the moon. Whether it's a Supermoon, Full Moon, New Moon, or Crescent Moon, these three gems are the ones to work with. They are Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite.

Satin Crystals has created magical moon pendants and magic moon earrings for you to wear during these lunar phases. 

You can also find a treasure trove of gemstones in spheres, eggs, wands, and more when you visit the Moonstone Collection, the Selenite Collection, and the Labradorite Collection.

See all Moon Jewelry and Stones in our Supermoon Collection.

moon pendant


moon earrings

Crystals for the March 9 Supermoon

As the March 9th Supermoon revolves around the end of winter and awakening of Spring, you want to work with closure crystals. You'll want to clean your closure crystals, charge them during the Supermoon, and then program them to help you finalize specific projects. 

The 3 recommended closure crystals are:

howlite for the super moonHowlite: If there is a habit that you're releasing, Howlite is the perfect choice for you. This stone can help you end undesirable habits like smoking, unhealthy eating, engaging in too much screen time or being a shopaholic. It is also the gemstone of choice when you want to change behavioral habits for self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Examples of habits you may be putting to rest are being too judgmental, not following through on things you say you will do, putting others before yourself, or attracting the wrong relationships. These are mental and emotional patterns you may be ready to release with March's Supermoon.

bloodstone crystals for the super moonBloodstone: If you have a lingering matter in work or law, Bloodstone is your pick. Bloodstone helps you seal the deal, finish the project, complete a career-related goal. It can also help you garnish the confidence to let go of a job that is no longer serving you.

Bloodstone is also the Stone of Justice and could help you with legal matters that have been hanging. Perhaps there is a contract that is coming to completion, or paperwork to finish for a marriage, divorce, estate transaction or immigration proceeding.

chrysocolla crystal healing shopChrysocolla: If there is a domestic project to finish or a relationship that you're ending, Chrysocolla is your closure crystal of choice. Its nurturing Goddess energy helps you concentrate on home life and getting things done. If you're ready to complete a renovation, sell your home, or do a purge of the junk that's piled up in your closets, Chrysocolla can help.

Chrysocolla is also the gemstone to help you end a relationship. If you're going through a breakup or are at the end of a grieving process, Chrysocolla heals your heartbreak so you can properly close that chapter of your life. It can help you say goodbye to coworkers if you're leaving a job or let you wish good luck to your daughter as she leaves the country to pursue a job abroad (without being an emotional mess at the airport!).

As with any important lunar event, you definitely want to have Moonstone to use for your Supermoon collections and goals as well. Find out why in How to Super Charge your Moonstone in a lunar eclipse.

Crystals for the April 7 Supermoon

The April 7th Supermoon is about starting new projects. This is particularly beneficial when you are thinking about expansive ideas, as the energy of Spring is all about flourishing.

You'll want to clean your new-ideas crystals beforehand so they are ready to charge on the Pink Supermoon. You then want to program each one for the project you have in mind.

The 3 recommended new ideas crystals are:

clear quartz crystal ballClear Quartz: This versatile stone is excellent for you if you have many new seeds to plant. It enhances all areas of your life, whether you are starting something new in work, home, love, spiritual journey or travels.

Clear Quartz brings you clarity so you can determine exactly what you want to manifest. Once you know what you want, this crystal clears your path of obstacles so you can go after your goals in a decisive and confident manner.

lapis lazuli blue crystal sphereLapis Lazuli: This is one of the strongest crystals to stir innovation out of your Third Eye Chakra. It allows you to have clear visions of what you would like to achieve. It's a fine choice for the workplace, where you can display Lapis as a work of art while also benefit from its energy of inspiration.

Lapis also helps you with your spiritual goals. It is a meditation stone known as the "Stone of Total Awareness". Use Lapis if you're ready for growth and development of wisdom and matters related to the personality and soul.

pink rose quartz crystal ballRose Quartz: Are you looking to start a new relationship in love, friendship, or business partnerships? Use, wear and surround yourself with Rose Quartz during the Supermoon. It will give you extra rewards because the April moon is the Pink Moon.

If you're ready for a chapter of new and beneficial relationships, now's the time to work with Rose Quartz. It's also the mineral of choice for home and domestic-related seeds. Are you ready to have a baby? Adopt a pet? Start a renovation? Begin an interior design project? Place Rose Quartz all around the house after you charge it under the Supermoon.

Along with these new-ideas stones, have Moonstone plus any pink crystals you can get hold of ready for the April Supermoon. The Pink Moon happens only once a year, so it's a great chance to supercharge those lovely stones like Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, and Rhodonite.

Crystals for the May 7 Supermoon

Summer is upon you and you've planted your seeds in the Spring. It has definitely been a tough year, but this Supermoon has arrived to remind you to enjoy the flowers of your labor. You can't just be all about work all the time. Relax your body and relax your mind with the Flower Supermoon and the crystals for this entire month's cycle

The 3 recommended enjoyment crystals are:

larimar sphereLarimar: You deserve a tropical vacation this upcoming summer. Although that might be possible for some, most of us are either stuck to limited travels due to the Coronavirus or experiencing financial uncertainties in a tanked economy. If you can't treat yourself to a physical vacation, Larimar is here to show you fun relaxation as you embark on a mental vacation. Let go, even if just for a minute, all that's burdening you. Enjoy the flowers that can grow even in the deep cracks of chaos. 

green jasper rhyolite sphereGreen Jasper: This is the stone that nourishes plants, flowers, trees, animals, and all that nature has to offer. Energize your Green Jasper in the Flower Supermoon and enjoy the benefits of feeling connected to the earth. You can lie these stones right in your potted plants or garden to see your greens thrive. If you're the one that needs a boost of Earth energy, carry it with you throughout the month, or wear Green Jasper in jewelry form.

carnelian sphereCarnelian: Did you forget to do the physical and energetic work earlier in the year? Is your garden still feeling empty? Embrace the heat and motivational forces of Carnelian to get yourself on track through this moon cycle and the rest of the year. It's the final Supermoon, so you have the odds in your favor with the Goddess Luna supporting you. Carnelian is about getting down to work and getting things done so that your Flowers can grow a bit brighter than they currently are.

Charge your Moonstones 

As with any important lunar event, you definitely want to have Moonstone to use for your Supermoon collections and goals as well. Find out why in How to Super Charge your Moonstone in a lunar eclipse.


Your Supermoon Connection

Are you excited to bask in the glory of the Supermoons? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the Supermoons before? Are you fascinating with the jumbo moon in the sky?

We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below, or contact us directly anytime. 

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Sheila Satin - March 7, 2020

Hi Andre, thank you for your comment.

Besides charging up your crystals in the Supermoon energy this Monday, we can suggest trying out Moonstone Affirmations: As you know, Moonstone is very strongly associated with the lunar cycles and a Supermoon is the perfect time to align its energies to your affirmations.

Your second question is a very popular one, so we have written a whole post on Protection Crystals:

The most popular crystal Satin Crystals customers like for Protection is Rainbow Obsidian, but there are others to choose from as well, which you will find in the article above. Once you have your favorite protection crystals, try charging them up in the Supermoon.

We also have a feature on Carnelian the Psychic Vampire slayer stone, if this is your main problem:

May the Light watch over you as well.

Sheila Satin

André Regus - March 6, 2020

Are there any special rituals or meditations you would recommend for the Supermoon this month?

Also, something that may help stop an possession/(evil) spirit attachment would be immensely helpful! Do you know something that I could use for/in/during the Supermoon for that purpose? :)

With best regards and a lot of LIGHT!

A. Regus

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