There are many stories behind why misbehaving children receive coal for Christmas.  The legend originated across Europe, and the reasons vary depending on the country you visit.  The shared theme among them is convenience.  After all, coal was burning cheaply and abundantly through the winter nights in the 19th and early 20th century.  So if you were bad, Santa would grab a lump of coal on his way down the chimney.

Ironically, coal is popular metaphysically because it attracts money.  Stock exchange speculators of London often carry a piece for luck.  You can place it in your financial feng shui corner.

Satin Crystals has a coal set that is definitely BAD, but in a really good kind of way.  Reward your mischief maker with this spectacular pair of black and silver coal minerals. Only this exact set is available:

Perhaps your house is filled with good guys and gals.  There are lots of unique stocking stuffers at Satin Crystals. Please select Priority Shipping by Tuesday, Dec. 20 for order to arrive by Christmas.  Alternatively, you can email me at with your order to get an estimated delivery date and invoice.

Here's a cool variation of the three wise men.  Three Wise Buddhas are carved in Howlite, Jasper, and Carnelian.  Give them as a set or stuff one per stocking.

The North Star plays a guiding role in our Christmas traditions.  Celebrate the night with shining Moonstones. This Moonstone Pendant Trio will light up the night for one lucky recipient, or distribute them to three lucky stars.

No stone reminds me more of Christmas than Ruby Zoisite.  This Ruby Zoisite Sphere Set activates the holiday spirit all year long.  Choose from a variety of Ruby Zoisite/Fuchsite gifts.


Thank you for your positive presence, and supporting small US-based businesses.

Happy Holidays,

Lisa Satin

Yesterday I paired Canadian Jade earrings with red lips for a hint of Christmas




*Order by Dec. 22 with Priority or Expedited Shipping for Christmas arrival.  Does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.






Author: Lisa Satin

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