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Free USA shipping on Orders $50+

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Don't worry about scrambling to find the right gifts; everyone can use some crystal healing in their lives. Bring balanced energies to your beloved friends and family with a range of I Dig Crystals gifts.


Pick up crystal healing books to learn more about how to use stones to balance your every day life!

Do you love to read? Then why not accessorize your books with beaded bookmarks and stone creations? Our bookmarks com in jasper, rhyolite and the Third Eye Chakra healing crystal agate, perfect for nurturing, relaxing and freeing your mind of worry.

Containers & Box Sets
Looking for a special place to keep your crystal healing jewelry, herbs, tarot cards and stones? Why not place them in an energizing jewel box beautifully crafted in agate, onyx, wood, or quartz healing crystals? Choose from our distinctive jewelry box collection today.

Divination Stones
Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown; the art or gift of prophecy. Divination helps us to clarify personal dilemmas and suggest solutions. Healing crystal divination stones vibrate with energy that is almost imperceptible, and only in deep meditation or trance can the stone energy be seen or felt. The divination stones can answer questions and help you make decisions. Crystal healing runes—sacred runic symbols—the magical language of the northern gods—have been carved into beautiful healing crystal stones for your divination rituals. Click here to learn how to use crystals for divination.

Fill your home with natural crystal healing carvings like fossil dishes, candle holders and Jade bowls. Enhance your home with natural stone housewares to connect with the earth's natural energies. Create gem elixirs, dream bowls and a relaxing atmosphere with crystal healing plates, utensils and tea pots.

Besides making beautiful displays, these natural stone dishes provide healing energies. Use crystal healing dishware to create gem elixirs, energetically charge food and drinks. These are natural stones carved into unique crystal healing bowls, plates, dishes and utensils.

Create a healing atmosphere with natural stone candle holders. Fill your space with natural light and let the energies of the crystals flow throughout the room. Use candles to enhance the mood of relaxation.

Have you ever purchased a keychain because of the way the fob feels in your hand? Then you’ll love our smooth, substantial keychains in a variety of healing crystal gemstones. Even better, you’ll be taking your keychain and its crystal healing energy with you everywhere you go! 

Magnet Stones

Do you love the look of healing crystals? Then balance your chakras in every room of your home as prominently display these unique stone magnets on any magnetic surface. Our crystal healing magnets are rustic, handsome and will punctuate even the simplest of surfaces and decors with healing energy and style.

Pet Stones
Pets can be as close to us as some friends and family members, so why not bless them with the positive energies of healing crystals? We embellished our pet accessories with chakra balancing healing crystals that are both practical and beautiful. Click here for Crystal Healing Techniques for Pets.

Terrarium Stones
Crystal Healing Terrariums show off your natural stones in a beautiful glass display. Terrariums can be placed on your desk, in your home or hung from the ceiling. Besides terrarium bowls, we also offer terrarium jewelry. What more natural way to share and transport your favorite healing crystals than in a healing crystal terrarium charm that you can wear on a chain as a necklace or earrings.

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