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Guide to Choosing Crystals

One of the best ways to select the crystal that is right for you is by letting your own intuition be the guide.  Crystals have different healing vibrations, and your subconscious will be attracted to the vibration that best suits your needs at that time.  For example, if you are having mental stress you may be attracted to sodalite.  Perhaps your favorite is turquoise, but for some reason the sodalite stone keeps grabbing your attention.  That is a Crystal Calling.  The best way to choose a crystal is to go for that which is calling to you.

How do you recognize a calling?  If you are faced with a selection of stones, there may be one that pops out physically or energetically.  You may try to ignore it, but keep turning back.  Maybe it is the one that drops out onto the floor in front of you.  Be aware, listen, and feel. 

Shopping online is similar.  The picture of the crystal could keep your eyes glued to it.  The stone repeatedly shows up in your search and can no longer be ignored.  This is the universal energy calling out to you, aiding you in the quest to prosper and heal. 

Let your intuition guide you.  Allow it to be the positive force in your life, as the subconscious has all the answers that the conscious mind seeks. 

For those who are left brain oriented, crystal selections can also be made by researching stones and properties.  If you are looking for something to aid in anger management, you will learn that amethyst can assist with this.  You can also study the meaning of certain shapes.  For example, a rose quartz pyramid will give you a different energy then a rose quartz heart, because the form has significance as well.  If there is a certain ailment you are suffering for, you can research the symptoms and find corresponding stones.  The 7 chakras are another way match stones with needed energies.  Learn more about these subjects on additional Satin Crystals Healing Info pages.

Please remember to Clean, Charge, and Program your crystals upon receiving them.


 The amethyst cluster emits attractive spiritual and healing vibrations.